What is the concrete content of the development cooperation with the EU within the framework of the EPA and what evidence is there that financial commitments will be met?

The EPA Development Programme (EPADP) is the main instrument agreed on by the EU and West Africa for providing concrete content for the development cooperation under the EPA. The EU has made several commitments to ensure appropriate support for implementation of the programme.

Support envisaged by the EPADP mainly involves:

  • Increase and diversification of production.
  • Development of intra-regional trade and improvement of access to the international market.
  • Boosting trade-related infrastructure.
  • Implementation of tax and social adjustments as well as other trade-related reforms.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the agreement.





The sum of financial support from the EU for the EPADP for the period from 2015 – 2010 amounts to 6.5 billion euro. The EU has also committed to continuing with its financial support beyond that period, including after the expiration of the Cotonou agreement.

The commitments made by the EU for funding of the EPADP are stipulated in the main text of the Agreement, the Protocol on the EPADP and the Declarations of the European Council. Furthermore, it is envisaged that there be joint definition of indicators to ensure synergy between the rhythm of liberalisation and progress achieved from implementation of EPADP activities.

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